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Full Truck Load (FTL) services is a strong hold of ours and forms part of the core offerings SIRL, including end to end multimodal transportation with loading services catered through owned and hired fleet for bulk goods movement on a pan India basis. Options include customized or specialized fleet for meeting customers’ specific requirement. As a Full Truck Load service provider, we are able to assess your individual business needs to match with a carrier that can accommodate your shipment deadline in a most cost-effective way possible. In fact, shippers have to clearly understand the central and state laws and requirements at transit check points for seamless movement. This is ensured by us.

For transport economics and for passing on cost advantages to customers, the shipper also considers type of freight can be can be accommodated in same trailer/truck or whether it needs to be shipped separately in a different trailer/truck . The most important factor in logistics is truck freight transportation ensuring just in time approach or at least with reduced transit time. We understand the sensitivity of customers need and will take care by providing apt and relevant equipment for effective handling, besides arranging regulatory compliance for your valuable freight movement. Rest assured, you can leave the logistics worries to us and concentrate on your core competence/business.

Delivering consistent value, we occupy a clear leadership position in this domain.


  • Tracking of your consignments in a better way.
  • Visibility and Reports for each movement.
  • Definite transit schedule towards just in time.
  • Door-to-door service.
  • Opportunity to transport hazardous goods securely with our safe services.
  • Extensive IT Network support for your FTL transportation.
  • Customized solution support for your freight.


  • Full Container Load Services
  • Less Than Container Load Services
  • Rail Freight Services
  • MultiModal Transportation.

Providing cost effectiveness and flexibility, we deliver optimized Multimodal Transportation solutions by combining transportation modes across road, sea and air. These modes include conventional as well as containerized railway options offered by our owned subsidiary TransRail and other partners. Trials of coastal shipping have also been carried out by us, promoting it as another option. Combining these modes intelligently, SIRL provides end to end convenience while enabling cost benefits and safe movement of large volumes.


As a third party logistics provider, we can offer you integrated warehousing, handling & secondary transportation services that can be scaled to the customer’s needs based on market conditions and the demand for their products and services in the external market.

Today every business is in sake of single-source solution for their warehousing and distribution, so we are here to give you complete solution from storage to packaging and pick-up your material to send it to the destination. SIRL having technical and experienced staff supported by latest inventory management and huge storage system to provide dedicated warehousing and transportation services representing third-party logistics.

  • Ultimate heavy container transfers all over India.
  • Having 200 Distribution centers all over India.
  • Operating in over 4.5LAKHS Sq feet warehouse space.
  • Trusted Warehousing service provider for COCA-COLA INDIA, PEPSI INDIA, ITC FOODS, BRITANIA FOODS, EID PARRY INDIA LTD and many more for thepast 10 years.
  • Warehousing tracking from packaging to transportation.
  • Insurance of your package.
  • Conduct periodic review of operations.

Come and experience exclusive and secure logistics warehousing handling large volume of international freight designed specially to serve you.


SIRL offers Rail Freight Forwarding services including conventional transportation in covered/open wagons and containerized rail transport. Operating in association with Indian Railways, these services include aggregation of loads from multiple customers. Movement of bulk volumes is enabled in a much easier manner while participation in railways incentive schemes and bulk discount arrangements lead to cost advantages.


SIRL offers shipment clearances from the port at CHENNAI, TUTICORIN, KARIKAL and VISHAKAPATINAM. Bulk clearances like, raw sugar, Gypsum etc handled from the ports. Like wise bulk shipments to ports within agreed time carried over.


  • Safety and Security of consignment ensured through Tamper Proof locking Systems.
  • Truck status report sent to customers email on daily basis.
  • Proof of Delivery confirmation sent to customer immediately after delivery.
  • Escorted service provided for consignment on request of Customers.
  • COD (Collect on Delivery) facility.
  • FOD (Freight on Delivery) facility.
  • Working on all 365days, no holidays.
  • Customer friendly dedicated service provided.
  • Quick delivery before the normal delivery time.

Come and experience exclusive and secure logistics warehousing handling large volume of international freight designed specially to serve you.