Frequently Asked Questions !

In the market there are differnent type of vechiles available. To book a consignement one must understand what type of vechile is best suited to his cargo. For Bulk cargo one can book Vechiles for 3Mt., 5Mt., 6Mt. 9Mt., 16Mt., 21Mt., 25Mt. For Volume cargo 20ft Vechileupto 3mt, 32ft vechileupto 5Mt. 38ft Vechileupto 7mt.. Trailors are of 20ft and 40ft.

We are into the parcel, small cargo, part load cargo movement. Our trucks are full truck load and for excusive movement.

To book a consignment you simply make a telephone call to the branch nearest to you. To find out the branch nearest to you, you can go to the link “Branches”. Our authorized person would visit you and book your consignment and give you the docket Number. (For online booking you may visit link "Book Now" in Services Page).

To find out the branch nearest to you, Please refer the link "Branches".

A Business Associate (BA) is a SIRL authorized person who does the booking and delivery of consignment atthe delivery location.

SIRL charges varies cargo to cargo . Customer can choose from value added service offered by SIRL. For more details make a telephone call or email.

You can book your consignments on following bases :
FOD : Freight On Delivery (When you pay the freight at the time of delivery at destination)
COD : Collection On Delivery (We collect the payment for your goods from the consignee in form of DD).
TBB : To Be Billed (Credit Billing for contractual customers)
PAID : Payment of Freight is collected from consignor while booking the material.

Facilities are available for multi point loading and multipoint delivery.

Facilities are available do delivery the cargo in small Vechiles where the bigger trucks cannot ply in, especially in city limits.

You can register your complaints to the help line, on line, SMS or in email. Within 24hrs of complaint, you will get The feedback from the concern.

To track the exact status of your consignment you can visit our website may contact nearest Booking branch. You can even contact our help line, on line, email and SMS.

Escort service available on the request of the customer, who will personnaly handover the goods at the delivery Point. Please contact nearest SIRL branch for your requirement. You can even contact our help line, on line email and SMS.

Facilities are available for quick delivery of goods before the normal time limit. Double drivers will be on the Truck and truck will not be stopped at place.

When consigner has to send material through us , we issue a GCN to consigner after receiving material . This GCN contains details of consignor,consignee,booking, destination, weight, value and freight charges etc.