Job Opportunities

Career Opportunities in SIRL INDIA is one of the leading fast growing logistics in the country and have operations throughout India. Everyone who works for SIRL contributes to our success. Working together, and drawing from our diverse talents, experiences and perspectives, we will stimulate new and exciting opportunities for our business. Collectively we will generate a more conducive and rewarding working environment in which every individual feels responsible for the performance and reputation of our company. We are a company centered on our employees and our customers, and we always put our company values first.

We welcome applications from ambitious, hard-working individuals, with or without experience. Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply as we believe in fostering young potential and creating an engaging work environment where they can flourish as the company grows.


The work ambience at SIRLl pulsates with the energy and spirit of its confident people who are both professional yet sensitive to the stakeholder needs. Encouraged by the company to take decisions, think out of the box and go beyond roles to fulfill customer requirements, the SIRL team is highly motivated and forthcoming with new ideas and fresh views.

With the company firmly focused on performance, it has adopted a merit based career growth framework which enables talent and effort to be recognized and awarded. There are numerous instances within the company where people have swiftly risen up the ranks driven by their dedication.


SIRL boasts of a dedicated HR function which is driven by experienced people who bring a unique sensitivity towards employees. These professionals chart out and execute HR policies which are attuned to encourage ideas and award merit. Also, robust and transparent feedback mechanisms are in place allowing convenient back flow of opinions and suggestions.

Training and Development forms another focus area for the HR arm, as regular workshops and seminars are organized to help people stay updated and sharp.


SIRL appreciates the critical role played by a capable fleet in the logistics industry. Hence, we are capable of accessing a large fleet which can be mobilized at a moment's notice. Constituted of over 500 owned vehicles and over 1 lac vehicles through countrywide network of associates. This fleet is one of the strongest in Industry. It ranks ahead in terms of diversity also by including trailers, trucks, pullers, tippers, tankers, container trucks, platform trucks, tractor, loaders, dumpers and hydraulic axle trailers. This enables us to move a variety of materials such as bulk, break bulk, over dimensional consignments, liquid bulk, high value and hazardous materials.


Our extensive network consists of 50 locations plus in major industrial and port towns. Border adjoining areas of neighboring countries are also within the reach of this network. Planned with a firm focus on efficiency and scalability , it is the prime force driving swift and safe transportation of materials, as well as timely interfacing with the customers. Thus, it forms the basis for not only efficient logistics, but also considerate customer service.

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